Jessica Boggs, WI Licensed Massage Therapist 3099-146
Hi! I’m Jessica Boggs. You can call me Jess.
In 2003, exhausted by the grind of the corporate world, I enrolled in the night course at Lakeside School of Massage Therapy. At the time, I thought it would be temporary, a “just until I figured out what I want to be when I grow up” detour. Little did I know I was about to fall head over heels for this profession.
I’ve spent this time as a licensed massage therapist honing my practice in spas, in clinical settings (both Dean and Group Health Cooperative), and in my own office, learning what works and what doesn’t. I have had the great privilege to share my knowledge with dozens of new massage therapists along the way while on the faculty at both Lakeside and Globe University for a combined decade. I truly love this craft, and would like to share it with you.

not your average massage

Massage is not just one thing, and neither are you- bodies are complicated, and every session is approached with the understanding that your needs vary from day to day. Whether you need specific work on a chronic trouble spot, or just to escape the world for an hour, I got you.

I must admit, I’m a bit of an outlier in my field. The wellness industry, as a whole, is clouded in a lot of “woo-science”, myth, snake oil, and bad advice. I’m not going to bring that into my sessions. While some of my modalities might seem like magic, I promise I will always be upfront with you about how or why something might work. In fact, please ask me- I love nerding out and teaching!


massage is for everyone!

At Papercrane Massage Therapy, it is really important to me to make massage therapy accessible to everyone. We can modify a lot, as far as session length, modalities, level of undress, and even how you are positioned during the treatment. I try to keep my rates on the competitive side. No matter who you are, what your body can or cannot do, or what size or shape you come in, you are welcome on my table!

Not sure if massage is right for you? Let’s talk

affordable rates

customized sessions for every budget!

30 minute session: $45

45 minute session: $60

60 minute session: $75

75 minute session: $85

90 minute session: $95