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Muscle of the Week: Piriformis


what a pain in the…

Deep down below the inches of meat (and skin and yes, in most of us, fat) that make up the junk in your trunk lies a small, pesky, pyramid shaped shaped muscle called piriformis. It’s not a glamorous muscle- you won’t find anyone flexing it in front of a mirror- but it’s pretty important. So, before we get mad at it for causing us pain or limited range of motion, let’s understand where it’s coming from: this muscle has a lot of jobs! Read more

On the Table: When Should You Speak Up?

On the Table is an ongoing series where I try to address concerns from the client perspective. Have a question? Comment below!

Being on the massage table creates an interesting dynamic: one of you is vulnerable and horizontal, and the other is fully dressed and mobile. We call this a power differential. If the therapist is careless, the power differential can swing to the point where the client feels like they are not “allowed” to give feedback about their treatment. When you are in the process of finding a therapist, you should feel like your treatment plan is a partnership. And with any healthy relationship, communication is key!

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how much communication is appropriate during a massage. When it comes right down to it, this is YOUR massage, and you should never feel like you are enduring (or suffering!) in any way. Granted, this is often easier said than done. Read more