What I’m Loving in Wellness This Week

Holy alliteration Batman… ok, help me out with a new title for future posts like this!

I used to be really good at being healthy. Then I got cocky about it and let a few (a lot) things slide, broke my foot, gave up sugar which led to ALL BUTTER EVERYTHING!, and now I’m *bad connection* pounds more than I should be. I have declared that 2013 is the year I take my body back… but unfortunately butter and wine are SO DELICIOUS. Uuugh. I digress. Here are some things that are helping to keep me on track:



It’s no secret that I am a little obsessed with Nike, but they are doing it RIGHT. If you have an iPhone or iPad, and you’re interested in getting in shape but don’t want to invest in equipment/gym clothes/gym membership, you should download their free (free!!) Nike Training Club app. Pick your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), pick what you want to focus on (cardio, strength, toning) and how long you want to spend on it (15-45 minutes). The app then gives you voice prompts and encouragement to complete each exercise. Not sure how to perform one of the moves? Just tap it and watch a quick video that explains it. Seriously, no excuses here- I have done this in my pajamas.

I keep trying to force myself into being a runner even though it goes against everything my body has to say about it. I will admit that I love being outside, listening to music or a podcast, and I have a weakness for purchasing running clothes. So, I might as well run. This winter has been tricky to get outside (floods! ice! aahh!) and I DREAD running on a treadmill, but the Nike + Running app helps keep me motivated. For one, it uses the GPS in my phone to track my distance and pace. It shows me where I’m at with my mileage for the week as compared to my friends, and you can set goals (get out more, cover more miles) and calendar reminders to get out there. I’m running the Shamrock Shuffle 5k in 4 weeks, so I better get on it! *sets reminder*

AND THEN, the exact right thing came along: Nike Women is combining both products with their half marathon training plan. Will I ever run more than 6 miles again? Probably not, but this plan starts at one mile. THAT I can do.


yogagloLast year, I joined a proper yoga studio and it was WONDERFUL. Alas, my schedule is ridiculous and I just couldn’t get on a consistent schedule/teleport to the studio at 5:58am. I prefer a “real” class, but yogaglo.com is a great online service- it’s $18/month (that’s, what, one class at a studio? there’s also a 15 day free trial) and you can choose from a bajillion different classes, filtering by how much time you have, your level, what your needs are, if there’s an area you want to focus on… It’s really comprehensive and you can still be asleep when you start, which is a major plus for me.


tonic lotionMy entire body protests against winter, and this year my scalp wants to just peel off my head. Also: crazy frizz hair. Bumble and Bumble makes this super amazing tonic lotion spray that is good after washing, after brushing, before brushing, to get rid of crazy sleep hair… the main ingredient is tea tree oil, and the label says it replaces moisture and “feeds the scalp” and I believe it!! I’m tempted to drink this some days.




But! I should drink this:

Apples. Kale. Lemon. Ginger. This is a delicious punch in the mouth that makes my cells feel like they can breathe. What? Just go with it.

What are you loving this week?


ps- no one is paying me to write these things- I actually have big love for all of these products.

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