Let’s Do This.


Hi everybody!

My name is Jess, and I have things to say. This is my first post out of the gate, so let’s rip the band-aid off, shall we?

I want this to be a place for clients, bodyworkers, students, and the world to feel at home.

For the past decade, I have been a massage therapist and massage therapy educator. I didn’t know this was the path my life was going to take- when I enrolled in massage school, it was just because I realized I wouldn’t be happy in the corporate world, and this would be a good plan while I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Turns out, this is it.

Massage therapy means different things to different people. When it first occurred to me that what I do on the table can really help people live pain-free, have more quality sleep, live more vivaciously, feel good enough to go for a walk, breathe better…  well, I didn’t know where to put that in my brain, to be honest, because it was too huge. But!! I loved every second of it. Every day that I see people on my table is a good day. If you know me, you know that if you get me started, I pretty much can’t stop talking about how much I love what I do.

As an educator, I’ve had the very good fortune of being (a big part of) the foundation to many-a-new massage therapists. THIS IS THE BEST. Tons of my students have become lifelong friends, and stay in touch with me long after graduation, which is also the best. I love being a mentor, and even better is getting to see what everyone ends up doing- I love their success stories! So let me be YOUR mentor, and let me hear your stories!

I certainly don’t know everything there is to know about massage, and frankly, I like it that way. This industry is ever-evolving, and so is my craft. I learn new things all the time from my students, my clients, and new teachers I meet along the way. What we do is super cool, right?? Let’s share what we know, and here’s a crazy idea- let’s have some FUN while we’re at it, yeah?

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So what do you say: are you with me?



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